Event Suggestions & Hints

Every event needs a theme so why not have a fabulous Casino Night! We have been providing wonderful casino night services since 1989. Over the years we have seen many different types of casino nights from charity events to corporate events to birthday parties and even wedding receptions. Each time the client has questions about "how" they should run their casino night. We have decided to post some helpful suggestions and hints that could make your decision making easier. You can also call our event coordinator Holly at (414) 687-9737 or use our Contact form to get more information or give us some of your input.

Questions that Always Need Answering & Other Suggestions


  • How to my guests get their chips to play?
  • The common "currency" used in a casino night is either script (funny money that the host provides) or two sided tickets (Mr. Blackjack Company can provide). This system is used so that the players (your guests) can obtain their chips from any dealer. The players can take it to whichever table they want to start playing at. Our dealers are instructed at the beginning of the night how many chips the players get and what type of "currency" they will be bringing to the table.

  • How many chips should my guests get?
  • Typically $500.00 in chips is best. Our tables are $5 minimum and $200 maximum (except No-Limit Texas Hold'em). Even if you provide more script to your players, we will only cash in $500 at a time. Too many chips and the players won't get the full casino experience - the "gambling" element is lost if the player has unlimited funds - even with funny money. Too little (less than $500) and they won't really have enough to have a good time.

  • What do my guests do if they run out of chips but want to keep playing?
  • There are several suggested options for players to get more chips if they lose them all. Simply giving them more chips to play with isn't always the best option. If they have unlimited chips some of the casino experience is lost because they will just bet crazy knowing they can easily get more chips. That may sound like fun, but it really isn't. In any regard, you should know HOW you want your players to get more chips prior to event time and confirm with the Mr. Blackjack Company Pit Boss.

    Here are some suggested ways for players to get more chips used in the past by other customers:

    • For fund-raising events, the players will see the host or helpers of the charity to "re-buy" more chips. It is a fund-raiser after all.

    • Tipping the dealer $1.00 for another $100.00 in chips. We call those "re-buys" or "buy-backs". The dealer really appreciates it too!

    • Seeing the host and donating to a charity of the host's choice. The host would then provide the player with more script, tickets, or chips.

    • Singing a song or telling a [clean] joke to the host and/or other guests to get script, tickets or chips. We don't recommend the singing if there is host bar! Ha Ha Ha.

    • When they're out, they're out! Not recommended unless they are starting with $1000.00 or more. Most players will survive on the $500 starting money, but a bad run could quickly deplete someone of all their chips, just like in a real casino. It's usually best to have some sort of way to let the player back in the game. It's all about the entertainment, right?
    • Simply giving them another $500.00 in chips. NOT RECOMMENDED. When playing with unlimited funds the games lose all their authenticity. If the host insists on this, we suggest to have the player at least move to another table to continue playing. If you are playing for prizes and giving out more tickets at the end of the night this is unfair to those that have been really working to win chips in a more reasonable manner.

  • How do my guests cash out at the end of the casino night?
  • The easiest and quickest way to cash out your guests at the end of the night is to let the Mr. Blackjack Company dealers do it for you. Our standard is $500.00 in / $500.00 out - which means they buy-in with a ticket or script for $500.00, we will give them another ticket for every $500.00 and portion thereof that they have at the end of the night. Sometimes we have been instructed to just take down the top chip leaders at the end of the night. This is a great way to reward those players who can turn their initial chips into a lucky windfall.

    Letting us do the work of "cashing out" your players assures you that it will be done quickly and efficiently. It will also free up the host to take care of more pressing business. We can collect all tickets (if used) or names (if looking for top winners) and provide that to the host.

Prizes & Structure

  • Who provides the prizes?
  • You provide the prizes, prize structure, or no prizes at all. Mr. Blackjack Company only provides the casino equipment, dealers, teaching, and fun!

  • How do you know which guests win?
  • Determining HOW you want your prize structure is always a task. Playing "just for fun" is not half as much fun as if you were playing for something...anything. Even a simple T-shirt, Candy, or small Gift Card is motivation for players to get a true casino experience. For company parties, we've seen players go nuts and have a blast for a one week special parking spot or getting an extra hour for lunch one day (so get creative if you don't have a prize budget!). Here are some ways (or combinations) Mr. Blackjack Company patrons have done it:

    • Door Prize Drawings - When showing up the player gets at least one automatic entry. Our double sided tickets are handy for this. The player brings both sides to the dealer and the dealer takes the "TICKET" half and instructs the player to keep the "KEEP THIS TICKET" half. The players get their starting chips. At the end of the night the dealer brings all the tickets to the pit boss who will turn them over to the host to be drawn at random. In addition players can earn more tickets for every $500.00 they have in chips at the end of the night - these tickets are also added to the door prize drawing. This means that each player has at least one entry even if they lose all their chips. The host then draws tickets for as many prizes as they have and reads the number matching up it's counterpart and giving you a winner.

    • Chinese Drawing - Players come to the table with our two sided tickets and our dealers use a pen to "X" them out and give them $500.00 in chips. The player is responsible to go up to a table containing prizes with little boxes or bags in front of them. They then drop one half of their two-sided ticket into whichever prize they want to try and win. At the end of the night dealers will give the player another two-sided ticket for every $500.00 they have in chips. The player can then drop their tickets towards different prizes or add it all to one.

    • Top Chip Leaders - Mr. Blackjack Company will provide you with a list of your top chip leaders. We can do each table top chip leaders or an overall event chip leaders. It's recommended to have at least 3 places. NOTE: When using this format, there is no way for us to prevent your players from combining chips so it might be the least effective and most unfair way if there are great prizes to obtain.

  • How is the whole casino night run?
  • Each casino night is slightly different depending on the expectations of the host. Mr. Blackjack Company will arrive prior to event time and set up all the equipment. Chairs need to be provided by the host but if available at the time of set up, Mr. Blackjack Company's set up crew will put them around the tables. The Pit Boss will contact the host prior to event time to get payment and final details for the event or to find out if there are any changes. Since each event is slightly different we want as much detail as possible. The Pit Boss will address the dealers 15 minutes prior to event time to explain how players are getting chips, how they get more when/if they run out, and how players are to be "cashed out" at the end of the night. We will be ready for players at event start time and continue until the end of the event. The dealers will cash out all players and give the players appropriate tickets or take their names with chip totals. Mr. Blackjack Company will then break down the equipment and leave the location. The Pit Boss will usually be working with the host at this time to give names or tickets for drawings or prizes.

  • What if my guests don't know how to play?
  • One of our primary objectives is to teach people how to play ANY of our games. We pride ourselves on turning your guests into players! Some people are intimidated by the table layouts or not knowing how to play. We really do encourage your guests to come to our tables and learn. It's the best time to learn the game because it's funny money and not real money. We also try to provide players with rules and etiquette of real casinos.

  • What if my guests want to leave or quit early?
  • This is something that needs to be accounted for. Mr. Blackjack Company CAN cash a player out early with tickets or taking their name down. However, if you are matching up ticket numbers for winners you might want to have early leaving players write their name down ON the ticket or give their tickets to another guest. Some of our hosts have a "you have to be present to win" policy. In this case, if your players leave early they just need to give their chips back to a dealer or donate them to another player.

  • Do my guests have to stay at the same table all night?
  • Absolutely NOT! Chips travel to other tables. We merely ask the players to let us "color-up" their chips to the highest denominations before leaving a table. The dealer takes care of this with no hassles.

  • Are my guests able to tip their dealers at their tables?
  • It is customary as part of the true Las Vegas casino experience to tip your dealers. Our dealers are no exception and love to know that they are doing a great job for you and your guests. We usually have tip glasses out on each table (unless specified otherwise) for players who would like to tip the dealer. Unfortunately tipping with chips does our dealers no good since the chips have no true monetary value so they only take cash. One way the dealer can get tips is by re-buys or buy-backs when the player needs more chips. Another option is that the host can put a tip on the final payment to Mr. Blackjack Company and the dealers can receive it that way. Tipping is ALWAYS optional and not required nor expected by our dealers, but is very much appreciated!

  • How long does a Mr. Blackjack Company casnio night event last?
  • The standard base duration for all Mr. Blackjack Company events is three hours. This is more than enough time for your players to learn, play, have fun, and cash out. Sure there are players that don't want to quit playing, but most of the time three hours is about the time when people start checking their watches. You CAN add additional time to your event by talking directly to Bill or Kaye Pischke when making initial contract arrangements. Some additional charges might be added for extra time.

  • How early can Mr. Blackjack Company set up?
  • We usually get fully set up between 30-60 minutes prior to event time. Some events have to break down tables from dinner before we can set up and some events require us to be set up even earlier. These arrangements need to be specified with Holly during contract negotiations.

We are looking forward to talking to you about your next event. If your questions or concerns have not been met here, please call our event coordinator Holly at (414) 687-9737 or Contact Us using our web form.

Bill Pischke