Over the years Mr. Blackjack Company has helped create many events to remember by bringing in their casino night equipment and dealers and supplying guests with real style casino gaming. We have taught those unfamiliar with table games and entertained time and time again. 95% percent of our business comes from word of mouth or repeat business from satisfied customers. Mr. Blackjack Company has provided casino night parties over the years for several different occasions. Please contact us for reference information.


"Highly satisfactory entertainment. Your team performed admirably, and all enjoyed the friendly and fun they provided." -HO Bostrom Co Inc.

"We had a wonderful time and can't thank you enough. Your company exceeded our expectations. Everyone has a blast, including myself!" - Jennifer Svacina - Waukesha Bearings CorporationTM

"The event went great, we raised a good amount of money and all of our guests had a great time. Mr. Blackjack and all of the dealers were wonderful, and we are looking forward to possibly running this event again next year. Thank You!" - Ron and Diane Walters - Zone Baseball

"Saturday night garnered rave reviews! Our people had a great time Saturday evening, many thanks to you and your crew for an excellent experience. My husband could hardly contain himself talking about craps all the way home and again on Sunday. Almost wondering if he and a few others were going to need an intervention! Thank you again from all at Johnson Bank." - Sue at Johnson Bank

"All had a good complaints other than the winners wished they could have cashed in their chips for real money. Thanks again to you and your staff for a great time!" - Rick at Thermo Scientific Molecular Biology Products